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NAME: Sherry L. Ackerman
Professor of Philosophy
INSTITUTION: College of the Siskiyous
800 College Avenue
Weed, CA 96094
PHONE: 530-926-4154
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Ancient Greek epistemologies; Pythagorean cosmology; Neoplatonism; Carrollian studies; reconciliation of science and spirituality.

Dressage in the Fourth Dimension, Second Edition. Foreword by Linda Kohanov (The Tao of Equus, Riding Between the Worlds, New World Library; 2001, 2003). Artwork by Jane Pincus (Our Bodies, Ourselves, Touchstone, 1976). A first edition went out-of-print in 2003. The second edition has been prepared in response to renewed interest that has arisen in the book (New World Library, 2008).

Behind the Looking Glass. A definitive study of the Alice and Sylvie and Bruno books, via a philosophical examination of Lewis Carrollís literary position in relationship to the British nineteenth century Neoplatonic Revival and its subsequent theosophical counterparts (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008).

The Psyche Project. Examines the declining role of mutually satisfactory male-female relationships during the period of modern patriarchy. Employing a psycho-historical schema, the book traces the incremental failure of healthy male ego development, pointing to the demise of initiatory processes as a primary contributing factor (work-in-progress).

The direction of Dr. Ackermanís work during the last few years has been concerned with the theme of liberation. She continues to be interested in humanity's liberation from societal conditioning, from externally legislated morality and normative thinking, and from our egocentric selves. She senses a deep need to provide people with critical thinking tools to help them resolve both individual and collective polarities and to approach more unified, cohesive perspectives and behaviors.

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