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NAME: Emilie Kutash
Research Fellow
INSTITUTION: Boston University
EMAIL: eeekut@optonline.net
PHONE: 1-212-932-1735
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Proclus, Athenian Academy, late antiquity sciences.


I am an independent scholar with a doctorate in two fields, ancient philosophy is my most recent degree (the other is psychology). I have been holding a research fellowship at Boston University colloquium for the history and philosophy of science for the past six years which allows me to continue my research in philosophy. My interests include focus on Proclus and the history of the Greek sciences and mathematics, late antiquity and the Athenian school, and Platonism starting with Plato and the influence of the sciences on the dialogues. I will be presenting a paper at American Philological Association next January on these matters related to Plato as literary author.

I am writing a book on Proclus which i hope to publish some day on the influence of the sciences on Proclus and his views on infinity and metaphysics trying to differentiate cultural context, late pagan religions and his work which i will try to make a case for its being essentially philosophical and science oriented not theurgical albeit Proclus' many orphic and theurgical allusions. Other interests of mine are Neoplatonism and modern art, and Judaism in late antiquity.

Graduate Faculty. New York, New York

Dissertation Title: "A Metaphysics of Three Infinities: Proclus’ Revision of the Ancient Platonist Tradition." Languages: Ancient Greek and French.


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Review of Jacques Derrida’s Acts of Religion. Transcendent Philosophy, Internet Journal, 2002

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The Third and the Fifth day vrs the Eternal Now, In Thinking About the Environment, Our Debt to the Classical and Medieval Past, Maryland: Lexington Press, Eds. Thomas M. Robinson and Laura Westra. 2002

“Oikoumene, Ouranos, Ousia and Outside: an Analogy Across Three Ancient Disciplines” In Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal., Vol. 22, 2,2001

“Polis, Ouranos, Psyche” in Proceedings of the Eighth symposium Platonicum. Academia Verlag/Sankt Augustin, 1997.

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“Immortality in the Tropics of Phaedo”, American J. of Semiotics, Vol. VIII, 1, 1991.

“The Figure of Circular Movement and Proclus Dance of the Soul Around the One” J. of NeoPlatonic Studies”, Vol.II, No. II, Spring, 1994

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“A Psychoanalytic Approach to Understanding Form in Abstract Expressionist and Minimalist Art”, International Rev. of Psychoanal. , 1982, 9, 167-177.


1993: Presented Paper: “Proclus and the Figure of Circular Movement and Dance of the Soul Around the One” Institute of Global Studies at Binghamton U. SSIPS/SAGP Conference.

1994 Presented paper on “Proclus and Procession” related to early Greek Mathematics to SSIPS/SAGP At Binghamton U.

1996 Presented paper on Plato’s Politics-”Polis , Ouranos and Psyche” to the Eight International Plato Society Conference in Samos, Greece.

1996: Presented paper: “Proclus and a Metaphysics of Three Infinities” to Graduate Faculty Colloquium, New School for Social Research. 1997

1998: Presented paper “Pagan Assimilation, Jewish Differing” to Conference on Religion and Philosophy under auspices of Dowling College and SAGP at Hunter College.

1998: Presented paper “The Changing Sciences in Antiquity” to the Boston Colloquium on the History and Philosophy of Science Conference on “Conceptual Origins of the Sciences in Antiquity. Sept, 24,I organized this conference.

1999: Presented paper “Proclus and Twentieth Century Physics” Conference on NeoPlatonism and American Thought, Vanderbilit University,

2000: Presented paper “Golden Chains: Diadochoi in Late Antiquity” : Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, Binghamton , N.Y.

2000: Presented paper: “The Third and the Fifth Day vrs. The Eternal Now: Hebraic and Greek views on the Environment” : Society for Environmental Ethics Conference, Florence , Italy, August, 2000

2000: Presented Paper to Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy on “Oikoumene, Being and Beyond, Cartography, Geopolitics and metaphysics in the Greco Roman Period”.

2002: Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy: Commentated on Dimitri Nikulin’s paper on Proclus’ Institutia Physica, at Boston College.

2002: Bard College: Institute for Advanced Theology: Presented: “Dream Incubation and Meditation in the Ancient Near East”.

2002 International Society for Neoplatonic Studies. University of Maine: Presented paper: “Abstract Expressionism and Minimal Art is it Neoplatonic?”

2003: American Philological Society: “A Neoplatonic Philosophy into a Pagan Theology and a Tale of Two Cities” New Orleans, January , 2003

March, 2003 AAR regional meeting: Presented paper “Greek Poison: the Jewish Disdain for Metaphysics.”

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