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Peter Manchester, an eminent philosopher and supporter of ISNS, died suddenly from cardiac arrest in the Stony Brook University Hospital on Sunday, June 28, 2015. Peter came to Stony Brook University in 1980 after teaching at the University of California at Berkeley and Davis, as well as Santa Clara University, in California. Professor Manchester joined Stony Brook University as an Assistant Professor with the Religious Studies Department, and later joined the Philosophy Department in 1998 where he had been teaching doctoral seminars since 1984.

Professor Manchester was a legendary teacher with unparalleled depth of scholarship and fresh insight into some of the most recalcitrant questions in philosophy. He served on 30 dissertation committees in the past fifteen years, and his students have become professors at leading universities in the United States and Europe. Peter also served as the Associate Dean of the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts, as well as the Director of the Center for Religious Studies, at Stony Brook University.

In addition to a number of widely read essays, Professor Manchester published two books: an acclaimed study of the nature and experience of time, The Syntax of Time (2005); and Temporality and Trinity (2015). His writings are held in high esteem for their strikingly original take on basic issues in philosophy, theology, physics, and speculative logic.

Peter Manchester will be missed by his colleagues and by generations of his students.

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