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NAME: Robert Tkoch
INSTITUTION: Independent Scholar
PHONE: 650-390-3370
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Correlation of the idea of the One, as told by Plato and Plotinus, with a hypothetical forgotten, ancient astrology beginning with the Sun as a representative of the One, likewise emanating Creation via the various planetary symbols.

"Markey Mouse," by Robert Tkoch; an eBook published in 2012; ISBN 978-0-9850125-1-9; Amazon ASIN B007WGLQ3K. Perhaps a Neoplatonic mystery; or a minor commentary, with references to Plato, on contemporary civilization.

"Plotinus: a Volume of Selections in a New English Translation," by Professor A. H. Armstrong; an eBook version of the original book published in 1953 in the UK. This eBook was edited by Robert Tkoch and published in 2012; ISBN 978-0-9850125-1-9; Amazon ASIN B007WGLQ3K. The eBook is a faithful copy of the original, with active links for the Table of Contents, for all endnotes, and for Porphyry's Table of Enneads.

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