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NAME: Burhan Koroglu
Professor of Islamic Philosophy
INSTITUTION: University of Marmara, Faculty of Theology (Ilahiyat), 81150 Uskudar/Istanbul, TURKEY
EMAIL: bkoroglu@marmara.edu.tr
PHONE: 00902164742986
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Influence of Neoplatonism on Islamic Thought; Islamic Neoplatonists; Ismaili and Alawi Philosophy.


I am a professor of philosophy in Marmara University. I got my BA degree from Istanbul University. Faculty of Arts. Then went to Jordan to study Arabic. After that I made my MA degree in the University of Jordan, Faculty of Arts, Philosophy Department. MA thesis title was: \"Philosophy of Man in Ibn Bajjah\'s Philosophy\". I did my Ph.D in Marmara University while I was a teaching assistant there. My thesis title was. \"Neoplatonism and Its Influence on Islamic Philosophy\". I especially studied al-Kindi, al-Farabi and Ikhwan al-Safa. I translated books, wrote several articles and joined to some conferences.

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