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NAME: Sebastian F. Moro Tornese
Independent Scholar
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Neoplatonism-Proclus-Philosophy of Music-Aesthetics-Metaphysics-History of Ancient Greek Philosophy-Pythagoreanism.

I am interested in the Greek Philosophy of Late Antiquity, especially Neoplatonism. I recently completed my PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London. The title of my thesis is "Philosophy of Music in the Neoplatonic Tradition: Theories of Music and Harmony in Proclus’ Commentaries on Plato’s Timaeus and Republic." My main interests are in the History of Philosophy, especially Ancient Greek Philosophy: Orphism, Pythagoreanism, the Pre-Socratics and Platonism. I am interested in Neoplatonism as a comprehensive tradition, engaging in Metaphysics, Ethics and Aesthetics. I have strong interests in the philosophy of Music. In this area, my research topic engages with the philosophical connotations of music and harmony in Neoplatonism, both in relation to the cosmos and the human soul. I have studied in depth the implications of my topic for the aesthetic, ethical and political theories of Late ancient philosophy, focusing on the Neoplatonic commentaries on Plato.
I am also interested in the reception of the Platonic conception of art and music in other historical periods, especially in German philosophers and their influence in Romantic composers.

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