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NAME: Ilaria L.E. Ramelli
INSTITUTION: Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan and Durham University (UK)
Philosophy Dept.
Largo Gemelli 1,
20123 Milan, Italy
EMAIL: ilaria.ramelli@unicatt.it
PHONE: fax 02 7234 3650
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Classical and Patristic Philosophy, especially Platonism, Stoicism, and Patristic Platonism.


Some selected publications:

Marziano Capella, Nozze di Filologia e di Mercurio, Essay, edition and translation, commentary, appendixes, and bibliography. Milan 2001.

Anneo Cornuto, Compendio di teologia greca. Edition, introductory essay, integrative essay, translation, commentary, bibliography, Milan 2003.

Allegoria, vol. I, L'età classica, Temi metafisici e problemi del pensiero atico series, Milan 2004.

Tutti i commenti a Marziano Capella: Scoto Eriugena, Remigio di Auxerre, Bernardo Silvestre e anonimi, Essays, improved editions, translations, commentaries, appendixes, bibliography. Milan, Bompiani - Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, 2006.

Il basileus come nomos empsykhos tra diritto naturale e diritto divino: spunti platonici del concetto e sviluppi di età imperiale e tardoantica; Naples, Bibliopolis 2006, Memorie dell'Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici 34.

Allegoristi dell'età classica. Opere e frammenti: Editions, translations, and commentaries, Milan 2007.

Terms for Eternity: Aionios and Aidios in Classical and Christian Authors, in collaboration with D. Konstan, Piscataway 2007; New edition 2011.

Gregorio di Nissa Sull'anima e la resurrezione: Four critical essays (on De Anima, on In Illud: Tunc et Ipse Filius, on Patristic Platonism, and on the doctrine of apokatastasis in Gregory of Nyssa and Origen), new edition of De anima, translations and commentaries of De Anima and of In Illud: Tunc et Ipse Filius, appendixes (on the Syriac and Coptic translation of De Anima and on its reception in the Cambridge Platonists, with the first Italian translation of an essay by Jane Lead), bibliographies, Milan: Bompiani, in collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, 2007,

Christian Soteriology and Christian Platonism. Origen, Gregory of Nyssa, and the Biblical and Philosophical Basis of the Doctrine of Apokatastasis, «Vigiliae Christianae» 61,3 (2007), pp. 313-356.

Stoici romani minori, Critical essays, editions and translations, commentaries, apparatuses, and bibliographies, Milan 2008.

Bardaisan of Edessa: A Reassessment of the Evidence and a New Interpretation. Also in the Light of Origen and the Original Fragments from De India, Piscataway 2009.

Origen, Patristic Philosophy, and Christian Platonism: Re-Thinking the Christianization of Hellenism, «Vigiliae Christianae» 63 (2009), pp. 217-263.

The Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis: A Critical Assessment From the New Testament to Eriugena, Leiden: Brill, 2013.

New edition of I romanzi antichi e il Cristianesimo: Contesto e contatti, Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2012.

"The Debate on Apokatastasis in Pagan and Christian Platonists (Martianus, Macrobius, Origen, Gregory of Nyssa, and Augustine)," Illinois Classical Studies 33-34 (2008-2009) 201-234.

"1 Tim 5:6 and the Notion and Terminology of Spiritual Death: Hellenistic Moral Philosophy in the Pastoral Epistles," Aevum 84 (2010) 3-16.

"Atticus and Origen on the Soul of God the Creator: From the Pagan to the Christian Side of Middle Platonism," Jahrbuch für Religionsphilosophie 10 (2011) 13-35.

"The Philosophical Stance of Allegory in Stoicism and its Reception in Platonism, Pagan and Christian: Origen in Dialogue with the Stoics and Plato," International Journal of the Classical Tradition 18,3 (2011) 335-371.

"Origen the Christian Middle/Neoplatonist," Journal of Early Christian History 1 (2011) 98-130.

"Origen, Greek Philosophy, and the Birth of the Trinitarian Meaning of Hypostasis," Harvard Theological Review 105 (2012) 1-56. “Gregory Nyssen’s Position in Late-Antique Debates on Slavery and Poverty and the Role of Ascetics,” Journal of Late Antiquity 5 (2012), 87-118.

“Mara Bar Sarapion’s Letter: Comments on the Syriac Edition, Translation, and Notes by David Rensberger,” in Mara bar Serapion in Context, eds. Annette Merz and Teun Tieleman, Leiden: Brill, 2012, 205-231.

“Stromateis VII and Clement’s Hints of the Theory of Apokatastasis,” in The Seventh Book of the Stromateis: Proceedings of the Colloquium on Clement of Alexandria (Olomouc, October 21-23, 2010), eds. Matyaš Havrda, Vit Hušek, Jana Platova, Leiden: Brill, 2012, 239-257.

“Evagrius and Gregory: Nazianzen or Nyssen? A Remarkable Issue that Bears on the Cappadocian (and Origenian) Influence on Evagrius,” Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 53 (2013), 117–137.

“Harmony between arkh? and telos in Patristic Platonism and the Imagery of Astronomical Harmony Applied to the Apokatastasis Theory,” International Journal of the Platonic Tradition 7,1 (2013), 1-49.

“Alexander of Aphrodisias: A Source of Origen’s Philosophy?,” Philosophie Antique 13 (2013), 1-49.

“Origen, Eusebius, and the Doctrine of Apokatastasis,” in Eusebius of Caesarea: Traditions and Innovations, eds. Aaron Johnson – Jeremy Schott, Cambridge, MA: Center for Hellenic Studies Press of Harvard University Press, 2013, Ch. 15.

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