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NAME: Nicola Spanu
INSTITUTION: Post-doctoral Research Fellow of the BARDA project:
'Early "Christian" Epigraphy and Iconography: A new approach to Doelger's classical project'
PHONE: 00393892768506
RESEARCH INTERESTS: My research interests focus on the Neoplatonic tradition and its influence over the centuries on both Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Renaissance thinkers. I am interested in studying how Neoplatonism has been shared in by currents of thought with different cultural, philosophical and religious backgrounds and which often saw themselves as in competition with it, such as Christianity.

Another field of study I am interested in is the philosophical interpretation of Hellenistic mythology in late antique thinkers.


My name is Nicola Spanu. I was born in Cagliari, Italy on 24/12/1978. I graduated with honours in philosophy at Cagliari University (2006) with a degree thesis on Mircea Eliade. Afterwards, I attended a post-university course on marketing and communication in Rome (2007), run by 'Ateneo Impresa Business school', in order to open my philosophical interests to the most challenging aspects of contemporary society, such as the all pervading power of the media, of marketing and so on. Subsequently, I did a PhD at the University of Birmingham, U.K. (2008-2010) on Plotinus's Ennead II. 9. [33] 'Against the Gnostics', which will be published by Peeters Publishers (Autumn 2011 - Winter 2012). I made an English translation and commentary of the Greek text, trying to develop a new interpretation of the controversy occurred between Plotinus and his Gnostic disciples. I'm currently involved in two research projects. One(supervised by Professor Markus Vinzent, King's College-London)aims at translating and commenting Meister Eckhart's Latin work (at the moment, I am working on the first of Eckhart's Parisian Question entitled 'Utrum in deo sit idem esse et intelligere'); the other (supervised by Professor Markus Vinzent, King's College-London and Prof. Allen Brent, Cambridge University) focuses on the interaction of Christian and non-Christian iconography as testified both in archaeological remains and literary sources.

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