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NAME: Anna Usacheva
INSTITUTION: Aarhus University
Nordrborggade 16.1 tv, Aarhus C 8000, Denmark
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Literature and Philosophy of Late Antiquity, Peripatetic school, Neoplatonic commentators on Aristotle, Galen and ancient medicine, Nemesius of Emesa, Alexandrian tradition of textual criticism, cognitive theory of Late Antiquity, Origenist and Nestorian Controversy, New Philology, Codicology, libraries, scriptoria and educational cenres, of Late Antiquity.

Doctor of Classical Philology (Moscow State University), formerly, a lecturer in Ancient languages and Patristics in Moscow (St. Tikhon Orthodox University), presently, Marie-Curie postdoctoral fellow at Aarhus University (Denmark).

Main publications:
Usacheva A., Knowledge, Language and Intellection from Origen to Gregory Nazianzen. A selective survey. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, forthcoming in 2017.
Usacheva A., The Body of Nous: Gregory Nazianzen's Concept of the Human Mind in the Context of Peripatetic Philosophy, in: V. Petroff (ed.), The Legacies of Aristotle as Constitutive Element of European Rationality, Proceedings of The International Conference on Aristotle, October 17-19th, 2016, Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Science. Moscow: Aquilo Press, forthcoming in 2017.
Usacheva A., A Fluidity of Canon and Structuring Theological Knowledge in the Works of Origen, in: J. Cahana, K. MacKendrick (eds.), Materials of the International Conference "Beyond We and Them: Decolonizing Greco-Roman and Biblical Antiquities." Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, forthcoming in 2017.
Usacheva A., Grammar of Theology: Logical Argumentation from Origen to the Cappadocian Fathers, in: P. Szczur (ed.), Vox Patrum, 37, John Paul II University of Lublin, forthcoming in 2017. Usacheva A., Theological manual by Gregory of Nazianzus: genre, style and methodological design of the orations 27, 28, in: B. Poderon, A. Usacheva (eds.), Dire Dieu. Les Principes Méthodologique de L'Écriture sur Dieu en Patristique, Actes du colloque de Tours, 17-18 avril, Collection Théologie historique, Th. No 124, Les Éditions Beauchesne, Paris, forthcoming in 2017. Usacheva A., The Exegetical Requirements in Origen's Late works: Mystical and Intellectual Aspects of Perfection According to Origen and his Followers, in: A-Ch. Jakobsen (ed.), Origeniana Undecima. Leuven: Peeters, 2016, 871-885.
Usacheva A., Socratics' as addresses of Isocrates' epideictic speeches (Against the Sophists, Encomium of Helen, Busiris), in: F. De Luise & A. Stavru (eds.), Socratica III. Studies on Socrates, the Socratics, and Ancient Socratic Literature, Bd. 1. Sankt Augustin: Academia Verlag, 2013, 183-190.
Usacheva A., The dating of Plato's Phaedrus, in: J. Dillon (ed.), Hermathena, 189, Dublin: Trinity College University Press, 2013, 53-70.
Usacheva A., The term πανήγυρις in the Holy Bible and Christian literature of the IV century and the development of Christian panegyric genre, in: M. Vinzent (ed.), Studia Patristica LXII. Leuven: Peeters, 2013, 57-69.

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