International Journal of the Platonic Tradition

The International Journal of the Platonic Tradition is available as an open access journal from Brill Publishers. The international editorial board is headed by Professor John Finamore of the University of Iowa. This exciting journal covers all facets of the Platonic tradition (from Thales through Thomas Taylor, and beyond) from all perspectives (including philosophical, historical, religious, etc.) and all corners of the world (Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, etc.). The journal is published in 2 issues per year.
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Brill Series

Brill has been an avid supporter of scholarship in neoplatonic studies over the years, particularly with the Studies in Platonism, Neoplatonism, and the Platonic Tradition Series edited by Robert M. Berchman and John F. Finamore.     

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ISNS Anthologies Published by Prometheus Trust

Prometheus Trust is now publishing and reprinting anthologies and other works produced by ISNS.

Metaphysical Patterns in Platonism
Edited by John Finamore
and Robert Berchman
(reprint 2014)

Platonic Traditions in American Thought
Edited by Jay A. Bregman
and Melanie B. Mineo
(reprint 2017)

Platonic Inquiries
Edited by Claudia D'Amico,
John F Finamore and
Natalia Strok, 2017

Additional ISNS Anthologies


Conversations Platonic and Neoplatonic: Intellect, Soul, and Nature, eds. John F. Finamore and Robert M. Berchman, Sankt Augustin: Academia Verlag, 2010. Available from the publisher

Perspectives sur le néoplatonisme. International Society of Neoplatonic Studies. Actes du colloque de 2006. Eds. Martin Achard, Wayne Hankey, Jean-Marc Narbonne, Presses de l'Université Laval, 2009. Order from publisher

Table of contents for Perspectives sur le néoplatonisme

The Enneads of Plotinus Series

Parmenides Publishing is providing fresh translations and commentaries on Plotinus' Enneads, many translated by ISNS members.

Series Editors: John M. Dillon, Trinity College, Dublin
and Andrew Smith, University College Dublin

Details and forthcoming volumes are listed on their website

Published Volumes